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Actually, it’s not about us – it’s all about you!

Every day, we provide Australian organisations with solutions to problems. We help them identify growth strategies and ensure that every member of their team is the best they can be.

It’s what we love to do – help.
We’re not just saying (or typing) it. Our customers tell us they love working with us, as we’re easy to contact, deal with and understand. Best of all, they implement our recommendations.

As an Australian based company, our survey software, internal reviews and strategy developments are tailored to suit your local needs.
Since 1996, all of our work, including software development, survey execution, storage of data and analysis of results is completed by our experienced Australian team, right here, in Australia!
We utilise the experience of the business and our team to provide insights into where you rank within your industry and the broader environment.

Meet The Team

How Can We Help

We work with businesses to turn data into insightful action with a strategic focus. Through utilising our tools businesses are able to fully leverage the power of their workforce, and create meaningful competitive advantage.

Surveys: More than an online survey. We create, conduct, and compile results. Then analyse and provide considered recommendations for you.

360 Degree Feedback Assessment: We know 360’s have been used poorly by some organisations, however imagine if you had a platform where you as a team could truly support each other to be the best you can be.

Staff Development Platform: Our easy to use software enables employees to reflect on their performance and engage with their manager as part of a feedback loop that embraces both continuous and reflective feedback.

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Meet the Team

Karlie Cremin

Commercial Director

Karlie has worked extensively with businesses large and small to formulate and implement strategy, and equip leaders with the ability to lead effectively for 15 years. Karlie has assisted businesses in re-designing processes and procedures, implementing best practice and re-designing entire business models.
Karlie works with clients to maximise the efficiency of their organisations and equip their people to thrive in a lean environment.
With a focus on business sustainability and profitability, Karlie recognises that people integrated with a supportive work culture are key drivers of profitability and performance. This perspective motivates Karlie to work with the people in organisations, equipping them with the hard and soft business skills to execute business strategy and deliver outcomes.
Karlie has predominantly worked in the construction sector, as well as a suite of other industries from finance to car rental. Through her efforts as a consultant, Karlie has supported businesses as they have gone from $10 million turnover to $50 million. Karlie’s academic qualifications have groundings in commerce, law with a focus on employment law, and business administration, giving her a well-rounded perception of the key factors driving business performance in current markets.

Laurel McLay

Senior Associate

Laurel has worked in both corporate and SME environments and has experienced first hand building a fast growth company from scratch to award winning growth. More latterly she has coached senior executives in New Zealand and Australia particularly around their internal and external positioning and influence.

Laurel is a successful entrepreneur having co-founded ITmaniacs, a boutique recruitment company which ranked #2 on the Deloitte Fast 50. She is also a media commentator and regularly speaks on breakfast television about careers. Laurel is a published author and launched her first book ‘Lead Generation’ in 2015. She is an ambassador for Thought Leaders Business School. Her career spans tech, recruitment, engagement and theatre. Laurel now speaks, coaches and facilitates workshops in New Zealand, Australia and United States primarily about influence and unapologetic lifestyles and careers.

Laurel has worked extensively with organisations through  change, particularly in empowering change agents within the organisation to lead the change from within.

Shobana Mitra

Senior Associate

Shobana has a strong track record as both as senior executive in corporate and franchise businesses and as an entrepreneur,
expert at identifying opportunities for revenue growth, driving market share,
building brand profile in new markets through concerted business/ sector development strategy and developing high performance teams to support business objectives.
She is passionate about creating environments for sustainable business success with focus on people, processes and results.

Natasha Dallas

Senior Customer Success Manager

Natasha is a head of our Customer Success team. Natasha is highly driven and results orientated individual with a demonstrated ability in customer success and all aspects of software services project management.

Natasha had worked with Iedex for over 7 years, working with customers to exceed their expectations and ensure a quality projects are delivered. Natasha has a strong background in IT and software development, she brings wealth of knowledge and experience to projects to ensure client data is safe, reliable and meaningful.

Raymond Hodgson

Senior Developer

Raymond head our technical and development team. Raymond is passionate about user experience, and creating a seamless and pain free software journey for users.

Raymond has extensive experience supporting survey projects and designing software solutions to reduce roadblocks and increase the efficiency of projects.

Raymond has a strong understanding of stat analysis, and is an integral part of the data analysis team for report formulation.